Farmers Begin to Harvest Kansas Wheat


The wheat harvest is beginning to pick up in Kansas, where fields are finally starting to dry out.

The industry group Kansas Wheat says farmers were cutting Wednesday in southern Kansas and in swath through central Kansas that extends nearly to the Nebraska border.

Group spokesperson Marsha Boswell says growers in northeast and northwest Kansas have not yet begun harvesting.

Meanwhile, some farmers are delaying their own harvest, but it isn't because of wet fields.

Some in Harper County delayed their own harvest to help an ailing 85-year-old neighbor.

Jim Wene is recovering in Seattle after he was found lying on his floor at home a few weeks ago. Wene generally drives himself to and from Seattle where he resides for part of the year to plant and harvest his crop on the farm where he grew up.

Neighbor Jeff Bornauf says Wene is a proud man who was like a second dad to him. He says farmers always help each other in these types of situations.