Farmers Plan for Unknowns in 2014 at Gateway Farm Expo


Fresh off harvest, farmers start making decisions for 2014. And as much as any year, there are plenty of unknowns.

Corn prices are down and some think we haven't hit bottom yet. It would be nice if water, fertilizer, and seed was cheaper too, but that's probably not the case.

The Gateway Farm Expo gave farmers a chance to start planning for next year, with vendors showcasing new technology.

It ranged from software to better track the business side of things to aerial drones.

This show at the Buffalo County Fairgrounds is volunteer-run and squeezed in as many vendors as they could.

Logan Thomczek said, "We are sold out yet again, and have 265 vendors from throughout the Midwest. They obvious see the value of bringing their business to Kearney and having access to some of the state's best agricultural producers."

Todd Sneller of the Nebraska Ethanol Board spoke, and had some strong words for big oil.

The ethanol industry is reeling in the wake of a government decision that could see less of the corn-based fuel going into our vehicles.

Sneller said, "We also think it'll have an adverse impact on the ag economy of Nebraska. This'll represent a smaller demand for corn than we anticipated. It'll represent a smaller amount of distiller's feeds, and really create a lot of stress on a sector that's proven to be very important, not only to Nebraska's economy, but nation's economy. We are adamantly insistent that EPA review the proposed rule and when they finalize the rule, stick to the law."

Sneller wants to stick to a law that would require billions of gallons of ethanol to be in use by 2022. But the proposal from the EPA could put that in jeopardy, he said.

NTV's Grow will have more on the Gateway Farm Expo Sunday night at 10:35 p.m. following NTV News.