Farmers Ready to Move On Following Farm Bill Passage


After two years of tension and gridlock, Congress passes the farm bill amidst little fanfare.

Make no mistake, farmers are pleased to see the final package pass the Senate, a week after the House approved the measure.

Nebraska Farm Bureau President Steve Nelson said, "It accomplishes a lot of what we wanted to do. It provides some security to farms and ranches as we move forward, had crop insurance included, which is a very important piece of supporting agriculture."

Gone are the days when farmers got paid whether or not they grew anything. Instead, the government will subsidize crop insurance and provide a safety net.

Moving forward, groups like Farm Bureau now work on other issues that were left out of the final bill.

Nelson said, "Provisions related to the EPA that were not included in the farm bill, we need to still do some work, outside the Farm Bill. We'd also hoped spill control changes would've been in the farm bill, those weren't in there, we'll continue to work for those."

Steve Nelson says another benefit of the farm bill is that it promotes trade.

Farm exports are worth $7 billion to Nebraska. Only four states do more international business in agriculture.

Now that the House and Senate have approved the bill, it goes to the president who has promised to sign it into law.