Feeding The Five Thousand


Description of Cookbook
• Title is Feeding The Five Thousand
• Over 1000 family favorite recipes
• 3 ring binder
• Padded hard cover
• Submitted by family & friends of Kearney area
• Everything from apples to zucchini
• $20.00
• If shipping please add $6.50

• Raising funds for the Nigerian Deep Water Well Project
• Each well costs approximately $5000
• We have used seed money to bind the cookbooks and what grows from the seed will fulfill
thousands of thirsty children and their families.
• The gospel of John describes the Living Water as being filled with Jesus Christ and the life
He provides. Providing deep water wells in Nigeria, Africa is not only providing clean drinking water, but also "Living Water" to thousands.
• The funds are handled by Ken Pitkin of Callaway who personally sees these wells
through – no government involvement
• The state of Nebraska leads the nation in supporting this project

The people of Nigeria use water to drink and bathe in that
• is visited by animals that wade and deposit waste
• is laundered in
• is miles from their villages

How to Order Cookbook or make donations:

Haven Chapel United Methodist Church
c/o Dianne Elliott
16095 Hwy. 10
Kearney, NE 6884

$20.00 each
If mailing is needed please add $6.50 for shipping & handling

Locations to buy the cookbook
Haven Chapel Church (Available on Facebook & Kearney Area Exchange)
160th & Antelope Rd.
Kearney, NE

First SurgiCenter 3500 Central Ave. Kearney, NE

The Hair Junction 207 W. 18th St. Kearney, Ne

Blade Runner Salon 2307 13th Ave. Kearney, NE

Headliner Studio 10 E. 21st St. Kearney, NE