Fertilizing Trees


Fallleaves shredded with the mower grass clippings left on the lawn and fertilizerapplied to other plants provide most of the nutrients your trees require, but occasionally you may need to give yourtrees a nutrient boost.

Latefall after leaf drop or early spring before growth begins are the best times tofertilize. Consider using a low nitrogenslow release fertilizer.

Start by measuring the tree's diameterat breast height -- that's about 4 ½ feet high. You'll need about five pounds of a low nitrogen fertilizer for every inchof trunk.

Applythe fertilizer in concentric circles, starting 2 feet from the trunk,throughout the tree canopy and several feet beyond. Remove small cores of soil or use a dandeliondigger to place a portion of the fertilizer in small holes about 2 feet apartand at least 6 inches deep -- just below the grass roots.

Wait at least a season after planting to apply fertilizer to trees andshrubs. New plantings are under stressand should only receive a light fertilization. Make a light application of a low nitrogen slow release fertilizeraround the perimeter of the planting hole.

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