Fewer Students Walking in Traditional GISH Graduation Ceremony


Fewer students are walking in Grand Island Senior High's traditional graduation ceremony, but that doesn't mean more are dropping out.

More than 430 members of the class of 2014 participated in the commencement ceremony Sunday.

School officials said, because they're offering more ways to graduate, it's not yet known how many will receive diplomas from G.I. Public Schools this year.

There are separate celebrations for Ombudsman and Success Academy graduates.

Students said all those options have helped prepare them for the next step.

"College is not just a walk in the park. You're going to have to battle through it and that's what I think the best thing that I learned this year was you have to study a little bit. We got our iPads and I learned how to use a little bit more technology," said Trevor Wojtalewicz, G.I.S.H. graduate.

"They are one of the most talented classes that we have ever had at Grand Island Senior High,” said teacher Betsy Uhing. “They're full of excellent students and just wonderful kids -- kids that are going to go on to bring something back to Grand Island and the rest of Nebraska, I really think."

Uhing pulled double duty Sunday as a teacher and a parent.

Several G.I.P.S. administrators watched their own kids graduate, including the high school principal.