Field Safety Training for Migrant Workers Proves Positive


As detasseling season is underway, many migrant workers are in the fields. And for the workers, there are those focused on their well-being and safety.

Job training, health care and assistance services are provided by organizations to ensure farm workers not only have knowledge of the filed, but also understand other things such as terms of their contracts.

Companies like Proteus, which has case workers across the state work together with farmers and companies to accomplish these goals.

"There's certain farmers where we've built relationships with, they know when to bring workers in every summer, they know to contact us to do the safety training's, but then we also go out and find the farm workers," said case workers Jody Stutzman.

One focus of Proteus is to educate workers on the dangers of some weather conditions.

During the month of July temperatures can reach into the 90's and 100's. Making sure they have the knowledge to help themselves and other workers is important.

"We show them the signs of heat stress and heat stroke and how to stay hydrated throughout the day," she said.

Many workers live on the bare minimum to provide for their families back home, so reminding workers to keeping themselves well hydrated and fed during these hot days is also important.

Stutzman says education of this kind does help reduce accidents and injuries. And though there are fewer workers this year, injuries and work related illness seem to be down.