Fighting to Prevent Animal Abuse


Following recent animal abuse cases, Central Nebraska's Humane Society continues to push for tougher city codes.

On Monday, a Grand Island man was charged with animal neglect. Officials at the CNHS said citizens helped them and law enforcement with that case.

Humane society volunteer, Katelyn Kosmicki said, "No dog deserves that at all! When I saw that it made me tear up."

Kosmicki sees abused animals at the humane society daily. While walking one dog, Spencer, Kosmicki said she noticed he may have once lived in an abusive home. "Earlier we were playing with him (Spencer) and we bent down to pet him, and he ended up peeing on the floor. He was so scared he was chattering his teeth."

But she says many abused animals do heal, like one pup she adopted herself not too long ago. "When we first got her she wouldn't move. She would sit and cower and eventually she started warming up to us."

Officials at the CNHS said an overwhelming 75 percent of animals that come in have experienced some sort of emotional or physical scarring.

Executive Director of the Central Nebraska Humane Society Laurie Dethloff said, "They're being beaten to death; we're seeing a lot of starvation, leaving animals abandoned."

Dethloff added, "We need more codes and laws. So when we go get involved, it's not as serious as what we've been dealing with in the past."

To protect animals and neighbors of dog owners, Dethloff said they want to push for no more 24 hour chainings of dogs. They're also pushing for codes that would enforce proper shelter for outdoor animals.

"Changing laws can be difficult, but (if) we get something through the codes that are enhancing, you will see other communities pick up on those ideas," Dethloff said.

Officials said citizens can help stop these abuse cases, by keeping an eye out and calling the police or animal control when needed. Callers can always stay anonymous.

To continue helping animals in need, the CNHS humane society is holding their 10th annual ‘Walk for the Animals' on May 4, at Pier Park in Grand Island. For more information call the CNHS at (308) 385-5305.