File for Unemployment? Dept. of Labor Has New Work Search Requirements


Lincoln – The Nebraska Department of Labor is stepping up efforts to monitor work search activity required to receive unemployment benefits.

Starting March 15, individuals filing for unemployment will complete an enhanced version of the Department's online work search log at Anyone filing for benefits who is not attached to an employer or in an approved training program is required to provide a work search log to the Department.

"We are continually developing new ways of using technology to help determine who is eligible for benefits, and also to provide our citizens with the means to meet these eligibility requirements," said Commissioner of Labor Catherine D. Lang.

The enhanced application allows the Department to gather more verifiable information and provides the claimants with a more convenient method of completing the logs.

Work search contacts can now be entered any time throughout the week. Previously work searches could only be recorded when an individual was claiming their benefits online or immediately after.

In addition to conducting a work search and meeting monetary guidelines, unemployment recipients are also required to register for work at and maintain an active online resume.

"Only those who are committed to the job search process are eligible for unemployment benefits," said Commissioner of Labor Catherine D. Lang. "The purpose of unemployment benefits is to provide assistance that enables claimants to actively seek work and return to employment as quickly as possible."

As of November 2012, anyone who files a weekly claim for benefits is required to do so online at

Initial applications for benefits may also be filed online, and coming soon, the online method will be required for most initial claims.

Department of Labor news releases are accessible on the Internet at