Fillmore County Lake Health Alert Removed, Currently No Lakes on Alert


Nebraska state officials announced Thursday that the health alert advising people not to swim or drink the water from Lone Star Lake in Fillmore County has been lifted.

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services says there are currently no health alerts for any lakes in Nebraska.

The department issued the health warning for Lone Star Lake June 21 after water samples revealed a high level of microcystin, a toxin released by strains of blue-green algae.

Skin exposed to the toxin can develop rashes and blisters, with severe cases leading to mouth ulcers, ulcers inside the nose, eye and ear irritation and blistering on the lips.

Swallowing the water could lead to headaches, nausea and muscular pain, with severe cases including seizures, liver failure and respiratory arrest.

Pets and farm animals have died from drinking water contaminated with the toxin, making it important to keep pets out of lakes that have tested positive for blue-green algae toxins.

Lone Star is the only lake this year to go under alert and was only removed from the list after passing water sample test for two consecutive weeks.

Officials began conducting weekly tests at 50 public lakes across the state in early May, and the tests will continue throughout the summer.

For more information about toxic blue-green algae or to check the list of lakes that undergo testing, go to