Financial Literacy Considered a Must for Families


April has been officially designated Financial Literacy Month. The goal of the month is to increase public awareness about the importance of financial education an inform about the consequences that may result from financial misunderstandings.

According to Consumer Credit Counseling Service, personal financial literacy will ensure thatindividuals are more prepared to manage money, credit, and debt. They say that doing so will lead to more responsible workers, heads of households, investors,entrepreneurs, business leaders, and citizens.

Being financially literate means understanding howto manage money, use credit effectively, build wealth, and make sound financialdecisions. Financial literacy does not involve your income amount. It involvesknowing the appropriate next step once you have earned it.

CCCS ofNebraska offers a debt repayment plan along with financial literacy to ensuresuccess for each consumer that makes an appointment and starts the repaymentplan.

"Itis never too late to start teaching our kids about money," says Sharon Taubert,Vice President of CCCS of Nebraska.

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