Financial Planner- Life Insurance


When looking at buying life insurance, the first thing you want to look after you decide what type,either permanent or term, is where you might want to buy.

Consumers see adson TV/radio about life insurance and I will tell you those insurance companiesmay be good companies if they have good rating, A or A+ is a great rating to look for.

Finding a local agent that works for one of those companies is a great idea. Having a local agent you can talk to may come in handy when filing a claim.

Some other things to look at when purchasing life insurance include:

1. Accelerated death benefits, if you are diagnosedwith a terminal condition and are expected to live less than a year, somecompanies will advance money from the policy for you to use. Obviouslythis reduces the face amount of the policy, but it give you an option to usethat money for what ever you need.

2. Some companies are offering a free second optionwhen you have a sever medical condition.

3. Some offer riders for long term care.

4. Some offer return of premium.

Always check out the cost and all of the details beforeyou buy.

Steve Lind, CFP
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