Financial Planner- Market Update


It's time for a market update.

Just a reminder that these indexes are justsamples of the market that we have been following, you can't buy into theseindexes. For 2012,the Dow Jones Ind. Average, 30 stocks of the larger companies, was up 11.19 percent, theS&P 500, a broader section on all stock sizes, was up 16 percent, the NASDAQ was up18.35 percent, the US Bond aggregate was up 4.21 percent and the overseas stock index MSCI EAFE index was up17.32 percent.

CFP Steve Lind says, "I think the economy will continue to improve,usually moves in cycles, obviously nobody knows. The drought may getworse, some of the predictions that I see indicates that which is not good, butlike the markets nobody know for sure."

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