Financial Planner- Preparing for Retirement


Retirement is something that a lot of people are thinkingabout, but there are some things to prepare before actually making the decision toquit work and retire.

Your "READINESS to RETIRE" depends on a series of interrelateddecisions. Often, people choose toretire for the wrong reasons without truly examining their motivations.

The first thing to look at is physical readiness. Are youhealthy? Do you eat a well-balanceddiet? What about your stresslevels? Do you maintain a healthyweight? All of these things areimportant to a happy and healthy retirement.

Next is spiritual readiness. To determine spiritual readiness, look at things like family, friends, religious avenues, books,and formal or informal associations or organizations. Ask questions like "Have I contemplated my life's purpose?" or "Do I have a sense of how I can contribute toothers?"

The third thing to consider when thinking about retirement is mental readiness. Have you thoughtabout your transition to retirement? Have you talked to others about their transition to retirement? Have you discussed your retirementexpectations with your spouse? And do you have a list of goals you want toaccomplish in retirement?

The fourth to consider is financial readiness.Have you estimated what your lifestyle cost will be in retirement? Have you determined that the money you haveaccumulated will last your lifetime? What about health care costs, long-term care needs, or estateplanning?

There really are a lot of things to look at when decidingabout retirement. Be sure to considereverything when making that final decision. And if you need help, ask for it.