Financial Tips for New College Students and Grads

Many students and their families are facingchallenging economic conditions as they begin or conclude their collegecareers. Whether walking onto campus for the first-time or walking across thestage to get their diploma, students face the daunting challenge of coveringthe increasing cost a college education.

November marks the end of the six-month transition periodthat recent graduates are given before they are required to begin paymentson their student loans. It's important that these individuals are aware ofthe tools available to help manage student loan repayment successfully.

Fall is also a key time for families planning how to payfor college in the future. November is National Scholarship Month and thestart of scholarship application season. High school seniors and theirparents are planning for their first year of college as they navigate financialaid applications. Knowing where and how to search for the rightscholarships, plus understanding the application process, is vital to thesuccess of gaining this valuable financial support.

AmericaSaves, a project of the Consumer Federation of America, and Sallie Mae areworking together to provide recent graduates information and tips on how to paytheir student loans. For more information, visit