UPDATE: Heater Used To Thaw Frozen Water Pipes Cause Of Minden House Fire


The day after a fire completely destroyed a farm house near Minden, the local fire chief offers tips to prevent another similar fire from starting.

As NTV first reported Saturday night, the home at 1647 33rd road caught fire when, officials say, the residents tried to thaw frozen water pipes with a kerosene heater.

The heater, which emits some flame, caught the siding of the house on fire.

Fire officials say there are much easier and safer ways to keep your water pipes from freezing while potentially avoiding disaster.

"Run your water. Keep a drip at least. If having problems with frozen pipe, wrap pipe with heating tape or use a heating pad," said Minden Volunteer Fire Department Chief Tom Brown. "And if they do freeze up try to use a hair dryer or something to thaw them out, not use open flame."

Chief Brown said the fire, which started at about 1:30 Saturday afternoon, was difficult to fight because of the house's sheet metal roof.

The brother and sister who lived at this house were able to get out and received help from the Red cross, the house however, is a total loss.

Fire Departments from Gibbon, Kearney, Axtell were also called for mutual aide.