Firefighter Trainings to be Held in Preparation for Wildfire Season


The Nebraska Forest Service's Wildlife Training Program is looking to train around 500 firefighters across Nebraska in preparation for another wildfire season.

With the continuation of last year's intense drought and other unfavorable conditions, officials are expecting another round of raging wildfires. More than 1,500 wildland fires were reported in Nebraska last year.

Through May, the Nebraska Forest Service will offer classes to promote safety and review the most effective firefighting techniques for wildfires, fireline safety refresher training (Red Card training) and the Nebraska Wildland Fire Academy.

"Nebraska experienced the worst fire year on record in 2012, burning nearly 500,000 acres (68,634 of which were forested), 65 structures, hundreds of miles of fence and costing at least $12 million," said Casey McCoy, NFS wildland fire training manager.

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