Firefighters Save Wedding Dress in House Fire


No, it's not a scene from "Bridezillas", as unexpected heroes find the perfect wedding dress.

Two Grand Island boys did the right thing, dialing 911 right away and saving their home from a fire, as well as that special keepsake.

The Grand Island family just had a wedding last weekend. Fortunately, firefighters rushed out with the wedding dress, saving the valuable keepsake from the smoke.
Captain Todd Morgan said two young boys were inside the home when they heard a loud bang and reacted right away.

He said, "They could still smell smoke coming from the basement. Upon our arrival one crew went in found the fire downstairs in the electrical panel. They were able to extinguish it with hardly any damage. We have smoke that filled up the entire basement two feet from the ceiling we were able to shut the power off and no damage to the structure upstairs." Three fire engines, one rescue truck and an ambulance were called to the home on Allen Court. It is believed the fire started from the electrical panel in the basement; crews are investigating the cause. Fire officials say the boys did exactly what they were supposed to do, dialing 911 right away and getting and staying out of the house.
Records list the home's owners as Shannon and Lori Ready. Their daughter, whose dress was saved, was married this past Saturday.