First Fundraiser Held For Buffalo County Hero Flight For Korean Veterans


It's been three years since Buffalo County sent WWII veterans to Washington, D.C., now it's the Korean War veterans' turn.

It's the first fundraiser of the campaign to send 25 Korean War veterans and their escorts to see the Korean War Memorial in early June.

It takes between $50,000 and $60,000 for the trip to the nation's capital, and organizers say these events help say "thank you" for all that these veterans have done for our country.

"It came almost on the heels of WWII and so it's not a forgotten war, but that's sometimes that it's been called," said fundraiser chair Sherry Morrow. "So it's one that we just felt like, their memorial has been in Washington a long time, a lot longer than WWII memorial, but there's still many, many Korean War vets that haven't had the opportunity to go back."

The campaign has raised roughly $25,000 in outgoing contributions since kicking off last month. Sunday's fundraiser raised $3,200. The next fundraiser will be held at the World Theatre on May 22.

Organizers hope this June's Korean Veteran Hero Flight is one of many to come, but that depends on how many are physically able or interested in taking the trip.

Organizers say approximately 400 Korean War veterans currently live in Buffalo County, and at least one of those veterans says he's grateful for the opportunity to go to D.C.

"Well, it makes me feel good that we are appreciated," said Hero Flight participant Darold Carman. "I have been to Washington but I haven't seen these monuments that are, those last Korean War and WWII deal, and it'll be interesting to see them."

The first Korean Veteran Hero Flight will leave on June 4.