First UMC's Fundraiser Offers Items From Familiar Source

One church gets a unique opportunity to help raise money for its youth groups' ministries.

Kearney's First United Methodist Church hosted a special sale for the community today, selling leftover merchandise after Bob's Superstore closed its doors a few months ago.

It's all to help the kids fund mission trips, but also to benefit the community as well.

"It was just great to have this opportunity because there's so many mission trips we're supposed to go on or that we're able to participate in," said Youth Group member Victoria Heineman. "And it's good to have a way to fundraise the money rather than paying out of pocket and the church provides for you so it's great."

"Kearney is a great community and they've always come out to support things we do. We're in a community where we have so many opportunities for the people to touch lives, not only here in Kearney for people who are in need, but also in other areas," said First UMC's Michael Craig. "And so not only is it a great way to benefit those who came and shopped, but it's a great benefit because every dollar they spend here helps so we can help change lives someplace else."

Proceeds from this sale will help fund several mission trips, and will also help fund the food pantry at Eastlawn.