Fischer Joins Resolution to Stop EPA Regulation for Coal-Fired Power Plants


U.S. Senator Deb Fischer is joining a resolution to stop the Environmental Protection Agency from imposing more regulations on coal–fired power plants.

The measure filed by minority leader Mitch McConnellwould ensure the Senate has a chance to vote on and repeal the regulationbefore implementation.

The regulation sets limits on the amount of carbon dioxide new plants will be allowed to emit, meaning new coal plants would likely have to install costly carbon-capture technology.

Fischer says the EPA's anti-coal agenda will cost Nebraskans jobs, increase electricity prices and jeopardize access to affordable, reliable energy.

"This latest regulation, which effectively bans coal-fired power plantsfrom being built in the future, is especially harmful to states like Nebraska.Nearly two-thirds of our electricity is produced from this critical energysource," Fischer said.

Fischer says rather than implementing this new regulation, the EPA should work with Congress to construct policies that lower consumer prices and strengthen energy security.