Fischer Keeps Low Profile Following Big Win


Deb Fischer's senate win casts her into the spotlight, but there will be no statewide victory tour, as the Senator-Elect maintains a low profile.

Before the election, NTV asked Fischer if she was ready for some time off.

She said there wouldn't be much of a break if she was elected, and said her family understood that.

She said, "My husband and I have been married 40 years. This was a family decision with our three grown sons. We know what's involved and made a decision. We felt it was very, very important I enter this race and serve the people of Nebraska."

While most Nebraska candidates usually fly across the state following a big political win, Fischer opted to spend the day with her family.

NTV asked if she had done more interviews, and given more speeches in the last year than all her years combined.

With a smile she said, "That would be right. That would be correct."

Like a bride in a receiving line, Fischer was showered with hugs late Tuesday night. However, she has made no public appearances since then.