Fischer Ready to Oppose Gun Control Bills Under Senate Consideration


Sen. Deb Fischer has said she will use "any legislative tools at my disposal" to oppose gun control bills currently being discussed in the Senate.

She says she has traveled across Nebraska speaking with citizens about concern involving possible gun control proposals.

She said in a statement, "After speaking directly with my constituents, it is crystal clear that the vast majority of Nebraskans oppose the Senate's gun control proposals. Thousands of phone calls, letters, and e-mails to my offices further reinforce this position."

The Republican senator adds that the proposals in her opinion will have little or no effect on violent crime numbers. She said, "A number of federal laws to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals are already on the books."

"The Department of Justice has under-enforced these laws, choosing not to prosecute individuals who fail existing background checks to purchase firearms. Ensuring that current laws are fully enforced should be our top priority," added Fischer.

Sen. Mike Johanns agreed with Fischer, saying "I intend to oppose an effort toconsider this gun control legislation because it is at odds with the SecondAmendment to the Constitution. I strongly believe in the constitutional rightof every law-abiding American to own a firearm just as strongly as I believe intheir right to free speech."

He added that he will continue to review proposals as they come out, but that he will not support anything he feels infringes on the rights of Americans or that leans towards a national firearm registry.