Update: Flare Up Sends Firefighters Back to Howard County Fire



Firefighters are working to extinguish a wildfire that already burned 7,000 acres and about 11 square miles of pastureland in Howard County.

The fire north of St. Paul had been mostly contained Wednesday, but flared up Thursday and ignited some trees.

Howard County Emergency Manager Michelle Woiltalewicz said two fire departments are battling the latest flare-up on the fire.

Seventeen fire departments were called out to battle the blaze in Wednesday's high winds.

Woiltalewicz says the fire destroyed several outbuildings and sheds, one abandoned home, and a barn. Several cattle were killed but it was unclear how many as ranchers were still trying to find some of their herds.

One St. Paul firefighter sustained minor injuries.

The fire started from another fire crews fought earlier in the week. Monday's fire started in a road ditch north of Cushing, but no cause has been determined for it. The fire Wednesday was a rekindle of that first fire.

Woiltalewicz says she hopes the snow falling in the area now will help firefighters contain the fire.