Update: Clean Up Continues at Good Samaritan Hospital Following Flash Flood


Officials at Good Samaritan Hospital in Kearney say most services are back up after flash flooding Saturday caused damage to the hospital's dining room, kitchen and other parts of the hospital's lower level.

Hospital officials say early Saturday morning massive amounts of storm waters overwhelmed the city's storm sewer, and despite the combined work of the hospital's storm water retention system with the city's system, the hospital's basement was flooded as well as other portions of the main building.

Thankfully all patients and staff were safe during the incident.

"When stuff like this does happen we're able to quickly mitigate, keep everybody safe, and get back to normalcy as soon as possible," said hospital security and safety manager Eric Will.

"This is our work home and we often spend more time here than we do at our own homes with our own families," said marketing and communications department's Anna Fryda. "And the great thing about situations like this is our staff and physicians shine, they really pull together, they want to do what is best for our patients and our facility."

Hot food services were temporarily suspended and changes had to be made to the surgery schedule. Hot food is once again being served to patients, though the dining room remains closed, and surgery services have returned to normal. Additionally, patient check in has resumed as normal.

Recovery work remains at the hospital. The hospital's parking lot C will be closed for use by restoration crews.

*UPDATE 8/11/2014*

The hospital will be meeting with their insurance company on Tuesday to find a dollar amount of the damage done. Water piled up to nine feet high after traveling down 18 feet of steps to break through the glass.

Pressure so strong it forced chairs and tables in to the kitchen. Security will be having risk assessments to make sure this doesn't happen again.

The hospital restored all the operating rooms by the kitchen. They also report all the surgeries on Monday went as planned, some patients over the weekend had to be transferred to other hospitals across the state. Right now they have no time estimate when the cafeteria and kitchen will be back and running.