Flip Teaching at UNK


One University of Nebraska- Kearney professor is using a different teaching method and she hopes students across the country could benefit from it.

Math professor Pari Ford uses "Flip Teaching" -- a method that requires students look over materials before coming to class. She posts fifteen minute video lectures of material she wants students to learn before the class.

Then when class begins Ford has her students dive in to problems right away. This allows students to have more class time to work on equations and if they have trouble understanding the material, Ford is there to answer questions.

Ford's video editing skills allows her to utilize this teaching style. She gets her tripod and camera set and then she explains various math topics on the white board.

"What I really like is that for the students that struggled, I feel like I am giving them more resources," said Ford.

Most of the students watch the video before class and some watch it several times to make sure they understand the material. She thinks this could be a very helpful method at the elementary level with more children now growing up with computers and iPads.