Floodwater Rips Through UNK


Tremendous winds and high–level flooding hit the campus of UNK hard on Tuesday. Authorities have reported no injuries at this time, but employees continue to monitor buildings as more rain enters the region.

"Living in Nebraska, we are used to having severe weather come through. This is fairly extensive damage caused by wind. It's unfortunate, but it is a reality for us here in Nebraska," said Kelly Bartling, assistant vice chancellor of community relations at UNK.

"Those are extensive damages. We will do something permanently and temporarily," shared Barbara Johnson, vice chancellor for business and finance.

The university's library sustained the most damage from the recent storm in the Kearney area. Officials report that around 3 a.m. Tuesday, the roof of the facility flew off. It caused water to stand at basement level, all the way up to the lower level, causing damage to a lot of the materials inside.

"All of the bookshelves, journals, and all the materials that we have, [have been] relocated off-site. We have other books that are lined up on the floor and are in the process of drying," stated Johnson.

With exams just weeks away for the students, many thought delays would occur. However, even with the amount of damage, there is no expectation of any delay.

"We don't anticipate any delays. Even though we took material off site, we are recording that material. If students or faculty members need those materials, we will transport them back," said Johnson.

While no interruption may be in line for student achievement, the weather could deter something else.

"If we are hit again, that will determine how quickly we can move," stated Johnson.

The theatre building also sustained damage causing the cancellation of rehearsals until further notice.

Damage estimates have not yet been released from university officials.

The library and the Mitchell Center will be closed until Thursday.