Flower Shop Opens after Grocery Closes


When one door closed, another one opened for three Kearney women. From employees to owners, they are now doing what they love in their own place of business. After the recent closing of Bob's Superstore, those former employees did not lose hope once all was said and done. They took the shot of opening a business under the name "divas."

The new floral shop and boutique has opened in Kearney just east of the Platte Valley State Bank. The new shop will specialize in unique arrangements, and personalized touches. "It is all in the details" is the slogan for the business, and the three owners say the slogan stems from the qualitative background that they bring to the company.

"All three of us are award-winning florist. We compete at state competitions, we attend classes in Oklahoma City, we get caught up in the floral trends, tricks, and tips; and we keep a close eye on what's going on in the design world as it spills over in floral arranging," said Chelsie Bebensee, co-owner.

They are increasing their services to be able to help more church and altar arrangements. In addition to the floral products, they are starting to increase their inventory with handbags, home decor, and jewels. It is similar to what they did at Bob's, but also different at the same time. Why? Simply because they just were not ready to leave it all behind.

"Different people from the community came up to us and said you girls have to come back. We'll stick with you; we love the floral arrangements you do; and that gave us the encouragement to go on," said Bebensee.

The shop is located at 2223 1st Avenue.