Flying Pigs Studio and Gallery


Anytime someone says "When pigs fly" to Eric Abraham, all he has to do is point them towards his studio. Many might have to duck from all the porcelain oinkers in flight at his Flying Pig Studio in Lucas, Kansas.
"I try to have fun with it. Try not to be too serious with. I'm serious but I'm not. It's a fine line to walk," he said.
Eric models most of his porcelain work and 3-D drawings on nursery rhymes. He always throws different ideas on the kiln and is open to suggestions. A gift from his mother long ago keeps inspiring him today.
"My mother gave me a paper, pencil, and clay to play with when I was a small kid. They were both artists. My father was a landscape and portrait painter. My mother was a furniture decorator and naturally she tried everything you can imagine."
Eric will make different porcelain glasses and figurines. He even threw in the entire kitchen sink. Eric received his bachelor's degree from the Art Institute in Kansas City. While studying for his masters degree at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, the pigs flew into Eric's world. Another art student kept making piggy banks and Eric thought he could make them better with his own unique twists.
"With something that ridiculous, you just have to keep on going. So I just kept going with it. I had the Great Piggy Bank Robbery and so on and so on. That was in the late 1960's, I'm only 27, you know."
Visitors from all over the world visit Eric's studio. He's nearly filled up the walls where cars and not pigs used to be in this old Chevrolet dealership in Lucas.
"I'm thinking about calling it the Lucas Metropolitan Museum of Really Really Fine Art," he joked.
The next time anyone says when pigs fly, just tell them about one artist who watches them go by all day long.
Eric has sold many pieces all over Europe. He's also been featured in many world class art shows.