Food Finds - Hojo's Hideaway, Holbrook


Shelley Johnson grills a burger to perfection at Hojo's Hideaway in Holbrook. After moving away and later coming back to own the restaurant, there's no other place she'd rather be.

"There's always someone there for me," Johnson said. "Always someone asking how my daughter is. You get the small town niceties. It's amazing how people care so much."

The Hideaway's been a staple in Holbrook since the 1970s. After living in Denver for many years, Johnson decided to move back home six years ago and satisfy many hungry appetites
in the process.

She co-owns the business with her dad and named it after him. But it's no hidden secret, that this hideaway has great food.

"We don't believe in instant potatoes," Johnson said. "I use my father's; my father is a cattle rancher. We use his beef only, we cut our french fries from scratch. Our desserts and pies are made from scratch. The food is great. The service is great."

From daily specials like spaghetti to their very own broasted chicken, Hojo's makes diners feel like they're at their home kitchen table.

Be sure to come hungry and dig in deep into the legendary Hojo burger. It's a 16-ounce patty topped with all the fixings and served with the fresh cut french fries.

"The thing about Hojo's is you never leave hungry," Johnson said. "You get fed very well when you're here."

Signs off Highways 6 and 34 guide many to Hojo's. But some don't need any directions--they just follow the aromas from the kitchen.

"Word of mouth is the best advertisement you could ever get," Johnson said. "We have people from as far as McCook coming in for our buffets, so the reputation really helps out as well."