Football Hall-of-Famer Forrest Gregg Shares Journey with Parkinson's


Professional football Hallof Famer Forrest Gregg spent 40 years fighting for victory on the field. Hewasn't aware that after retirement, he would begin one of the biggest battlesof his life.

In 2011, Gregg was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, achronic, progressive, neurological disease that affects movement. Approximately 60,000 Americans are diagnosed with PD each year.

When he first learned of hisdiagnosis, Gregg adopted the same attitude that earned him the nickname "IronMan" during his playing days: he tackled PD head on. Gregg recently learnedthat along with the typical motor aspects of PD – such as slowness and tremorsor stiffness – there are also a wide range of non-motor symptoms. These includefatigue, difficulty sleeping or memory problems, which can significantly impactthe lives of those affected.

The Parkinson's More Than Motion™ community, of which Gregg is a part of, was created as aspace for people with PD to interact and learn more about the full range ofsymptoms.

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