Alcoholism and Addiction in Our Community- Story of a Marine Part 1


Addiction is a disease that many have feltdevastating effects from.

Often times we report the legal troubles thataddicts find themselves in.

But this series focuses on the story of arecovered alcoholic and his path to sobriety, as well as resources in our areafor people to get the help.

Addiction, we so often see the devastating effectsand destruction it can have whether it's drugs, alcohol or other dependenciesin our communities.

And its effects can be crippling for both theaddict and the family.

Former Marine Trevor Stryker of Grand Islandserved two tours in Iraq,

Trevor had drank in high school and hasalcoholism in his family, it wasn't until his time in the military that henoticed a problem.

Stryker recounts, "In the military youhave a very structured life style. And it began to interfere with that. I wastrying to find way to get out of going to work so that I could stay in thebarracks and drink. I enjoyed my time way from work a lot more when I was goingout drinking or going to the bars."

With his military career coming to a close,drinking and drinking to an excess were becoming his main focus.

But things were different when he returned.

And it would take some time before he wouldrealize that drinking had become his crutch instead of dealing with reality.

"The lives of my family and friends hadchanged and I felt like I came home in the exact same spot where I left. So itwas an adjustment that took me a long time to adjust to. And drinking I thoughtat the time helped me with that. I utilized my drinking as a coping mechanismon what I missed out on, or what I felt I missed out on," he said.

Trevor says his drinking became more frequentand out of control, forcing many of his close childhood friends to pull back,and for Trevor to seek out new drinking companions.

"I found new friends at the bar that nowI look back and they weren't really friends," he said.

And it wouldn't be long before legal mattersbecame an issue that even he couldn't ignore.

"I slowly began to see the downwardspiral with all of that and the legal stuff coming into play," said Trevor.

Reporters Note: Tomorrow on NTV News at Noon, Trevor will share what finalincident brought him to look for help, his road to recovery and the challenges that living a sober life can bring.