Former Youth Leader Behind Bars, Alleged Sexual Assault of Boys


Another possible sexual assault victim has come forward, speaking out with allegations against a former church youth leader.

This is the third alleged victim of the former youth leader to come forward, claiming to be sexually assaulted as a teenager by the Kearney man.

37-year-old Thomas Anthony Jones was arrested Friday on a Buffalo County warrant. He has been charged with two counts of third-degree sexual assault of a child.

The latest charges stem from claims that Jones had sexual contact with a boy under 14 on two occasions between early September and late November of 1999.

With these latest charges, Jones is faced with a total of six felony counts. The counts accuse him of sexually assaulting boys between the years of 1999 and 2006.

The former youth volunteer was arrested before for on similar charges. He had been released from jail on bond.

Court records report the two males, now ages 23 and 15, told police that Jones had touched them inappropriately and exposed himself to them in 2001.

The former youth pastor is now held in the Buffalo County Jail.