Fort Cody Trading Post


In the tradition of Buffalo Bill Cody, a family business is putting on a show of its own.
"People love that sign and of course the building and our fort and they come off the interstate and they see the big sign and they gotta stop. That's the whole idea," boasted Charles Henline.
The place to stop and see the show is the Fort Cody Trading Post in North Platte. Named after famous Wild West showman Buffalo Bill, the post includes a free museum, gift shop, and
miniature 20,000 piece hand carved Buffalo Bill Wild West Show.
"We were tickled to get it because it's the only one of its kind in the whole world. It's the
world's smallest Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show and it's all animated and fun to watch," Henline said.
The Trading Post was started by Charles' dad with the first post on the other side of town. They decided to move and be a roadside attraction when I-80 came through.
"It was on the cutting edge of the time. Was the interstate really going to make a big
difference? And yes it did and all the people started arriving and we've done well in the last 40
Charles picked up where his dad left off and wants to keep the business in the family.
"This is the only thing I could see myself doing. I've done this all my life and will probably never retire. I'll always do this," he said.
And it's the perfect place to find your inner cowboy.
"Buffalo Bill was one of the greatest citizens of North Platte, Nebraska and it was just
natural to start this store here and name it after him. He's a true hero."
And the show continues on, long after the taming of the west. The post is open all year long. And Charles has two sons in college who say they are interested in someday running the post in the future.

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