Franklin Community Rallies For 'Team Holden'


Sometimes there are things so important that even "Old Man Winter" can't interrupt.

Franklin community members braved the cold on Sunday, all to help one of their own.

After two previous surgeries, Holden Bruce was recently diagnosed with another set of low grade cancerous brain tumors, and will be traveling to Boston to have them removed.

Organizers say Sunday's fundraiser is just a reminder of how small communities make the small things great.

"I think this is a great thing my community has put together," said benefit recipient Holden Bruce. "I know how loving they are of me, and how much they enjoy having me in this community, and I think it's great."

"This family means a lot to our community, so we want to do what we can to help. It took a lot of people to put this together," said fundraiser co-organizer Rhonda Herrick. "It took a whole community to help with this, we came together and we had a fantastic turnout, and I think we raised some good money today."

Sunday's fundraiser was sponsored by the Franklin FFA and Franklin County 4–H. Over $25,000 was brought in with more donations expected, and will go towards the $62,000 goal to help with medical expenses.

REPORTER'S NOTES: Holden Bruce and his family are looking to travel to Boston in April for the next surgical procedure, and a fund has been set up to help at the Franklin State Bank. If you missed Sunday's fundraiser, you can send donations payable to Holden Bruce Benefit, c/o Franklin State Bank, P.O. Box 125, Franklin, NE 68939