Franklin County Museum


From the outside looking in you may think there's not that much to be seen, but once you're inside a county is ready to tell its story.
"You can't judge a book by its cover and that's the way it is with the Franklin County Museum. You gotta come in and see what's inside," said Executive Director Jim Gorman.
There might not be a whole lot outside, but once inside you'll find the remnants of a county rich wih history that many may not know about.
"I think what people don't realize about the Franklin County Museum is what we have here," said Gorman. "There's an extensive collection here, the information about the settlers and the history of our county and our state."
Locals came together to form the musuem in 1928. Highlights of the musuem include an emphasis on early pioneer settlers, one of the world's largest collection of salt and pepper shakers and a look at some of the celebrities of Franklin County.
"We have some interesting celebrities with Pierce Lydon and Frank Cyr and The Fugitive," Gorman proudly explains.
Sharing the hidden treasures of the museum has been Jim's mission. He became executive director four months ago and is always looking for ways to improve.
"I thought it would be great to get involved and put some effort into getting some exposure
for our museum and working on the exhibits and showing the history of our country with other
folks," he said.
That exposure has led to some new projects such as free wireless Internet and some brand new exhibits down the road to be excited about.
"We have a wonderful history that's just waiting to be seen so we would encourage the entire community and surrounding areas to come check us out, you'll be happy you did," Gorman said.
The musuem is planning to add a new memorial garden around its school house and is also planning its first annual Harvest Festival in October.

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