Franklin's Rose Bowl Theater Reopens After Fire


The house lights are back on seven weeks after a small fire causes a theater to temporarily close down.

That minor blaze destroyed the projection room for the Rose Bowl Theater in Franklin.

Going to the movies is one of the bigger sources of entertainment in this small town, and according to many, the folks are glad it's showtime once again.

"Once this happened everyone woke up, everybody in the area and our board, I think everyone's found out that we fulfill a need," said Rose Bowl Theater board president Michael Ingram. "We found a need and we fulfilled it, and when it was gone they missed it, people really missed having a place to go."

"It's almost more than you can put in words, it is just outstanding the backing we have and the help and the things that go on," said Rose Bowl Theater board member Cynthia Rubendall. "And to have it back in operation is just completely outstanding."

Friday night's event included an open house with a tour of the theater, a dedication, and as a quick note: school kids helped raise over $1,600 for the repairs.