Free Donuts? Pass it On!


There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but free donuts spread the love in Grand Island, as an act of kindness to pass on.

The Heartland United Way handed out 6,500 donuts on street corners Thursday. Volunteers stood at seven different locations to catch commuters. The number of donuts represents United Way's 65th anniversary.

Some thought it was too good to be true.

Board member Jane Gloor said, "We heard that comment a couple of times. Really these are
free? We don't have to do anything? You don't expect anything? It's an act of kindness, pass it

The Heartland United Way encourages people to give back in small ways, sharing vegetables from the garden or paying for someone else's drive-thru meal.

The donut give-away is also part of the Heartland United Way's annual fundraising kick-off. President Karen Rathke said the acts of kindness (AOK) was done in honor of Gloria Wolbach, founder of the AOK Ladies.

In honor of Mrs. Wolbach, the United Way is organizing Acts of Kindness Events throughout the community beginning Monday, September 24 and continuing throughout the month of October.

On Monday, September 24th, Heartland United Way delivered "Live United" Onesies, BornLearning Materials, & diapers to all newborns at St. Francis Medical Center.

Karen Rathke, President & CPO of the Heartland United Way, encouraged others to participate and said, "this really is a community-wide event where people are able to instantly impact others with a very simple and kind gesture. It creates a ripple effect of kindness and is something Gloria has selflessly passed along to others since she founded the AOK Ladies."