Fremont Voters Decide to Keep Ordinance for Immigrant Renters


Fremont voters decided to keep a 2010 ordinance that is aimed at keeping immigrants from renting a home in Fremont if they don't have legal permission to be in the U.S.

Nearly 60 percent of voters were in favor of keeping the ordinance Tuesday, a little more than the 57 percent it passed with in 2010.

Critics had pushed for the new vote, saying the housing restrictions would be ineffective and could cost Fremont millions of dollars in legal fees and lost federal grants.

Local resident Paul Von Behren says he's glad voters supported the ordinance but the question now is whether the city will implement it.

The ACLU of Nebraska said Tuesday they are saddened by the result of the vote.

"We commend local leaders and residents whoworked hard and long to uphold the welcoming values that as Americans we holddear. We will closely monitor implementation of the law, and will bright [sic] tolight and pursue any incidents of discrimination," the organization said in a statement Tuesday night.