From Burgers to Deodorant, Bacon Sizzles


We're taking a look at the economics of bacon, or "baconomics" in a special look at both the serious side of modern pork production, and the fun flavors of bacon.

Hog farmer Mark McHargue said, "We're always looking at what the consumer wants, and the consumer wants bacon."

"Who wants a cheeseburger, you want a bacon cheeseburger," FFA advisor Jason Herschfeld said.

From Homer Simpson's classic, "Mmmm, bacon" to the halls of Congress, it seems everyone is bringing home the bacon, even Rep. Adrian Smith.

"My favorite pork product? Bacon, but other products as well," he said with a smile.

McHargue farms near Central City. He said, "Bacon's one of those things that takes on flavor very well."

The smoked pork product is showing up in some unusual places, like bacon deodorant.

The "Dark Lord of the Sith" finds your lack of bacon disturbing. Pork powers plenty of puns on social media, along with recipes and unique bacon products for sale.

"I've even tasted bacon ice cream," McHargue said. "I wasn't real thrilled about it."

Renae Nesiba has an idea for a swine inspired scent. She said, "I think the idea of bacon perfume for women would be wonderful, especially if you're single."

Of course, some have other recipes that send them to hog heaven. For Crystal, it's pork loin roast. Kyle told is it's all about the ribs.

Dr. Ronnie Green, Vice Chancellor of the University of Nebraska Lincoln is a noted cattle specialist. But he's got a soft spot for pork. "I'm a beef guy, I love beef, but I love pork sausage."

For all this talk about bacon, the most popular pork product is ham. However you eat it, 80 percent of Americans eat some pork on a regular basis. That includes a Greeley woman, we'll meet her Wednesday, even hear an ode to bacon in our baconomics report.

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