Fundraiser Helps Rural Sheriff Department Keep K-9


A community has come together to support a special member of the Webster County Sheriff's Office.

Sergeant Dianne Nichols demonstrates some of the skills of K–9 officer Fax. Fax is part of the Webster County Sheriff's Department, helping in multiple areas ranging from drug searches to criminal apprehension.

Saturday's fundraiser hopes to ensure Fax helps keep sheriff's deputies and surrounding communities safe for another year.

"It's a privilege for me to have him to work with because he just brings our level of law enforcement to a whole new level," said Nichols. "It brings some of the bigger agency "equipment," so to speak, down to these smaller agencies, and a lot of times it does surprise people how many drugs and what not we have running through this county."

And since Fax's expenses are not tax funded, events like this are crucial to keeping him on the force.

"The best part of this is the support we get from the surrounding areas: Red Cloud, Blue Hill. People have been really supportive of this dog. They've turned out to contribute and keep this dog around, they see the need for this dog and this kind of brings everyone together to show their support," Nichols said.

Funds raised from Saturday's event will help pay for vet bills, dog food and specialized equipment for Sergeant Nichols' squad car.