Fundraisers Help Both Collegiate and Secondary Lutheran Ministries


With warm weather just around the corner, some campus organizations are looking to use their spring break to help others in need, but an extra push is still needed to make that happen.

UNK's Campus Lutheran Ministries found some needed aid during its second annual Arts and Crafts Fair in Kearney.

It's a fundraiser to help fund a mission trip for 15 students, to send them to Texas to help rebuild a community garden for a food pantry and homeless shelter.

Organizers say events like this are important for their cause.

"We do try to be good stewards of the resources we have and we operate on shoestring budgets, but we do need some funds to keep our ministry possible," said Campus Lutheran Pastor Rachel Hacker. "We do worship together we have lots of food and fellowship and the monies raised today simply help keep that possible."

Students brought in $1,700 at Saturday's event to help pay for expenses when they leave for Austin in a week.

A different fundraiser was able to help Lutheran students at a younger level this weekend.

Kearney's Zion Lutheran Church hosted a pancake feed Saturday morning, raising money to support the school while promoting the importance of a Christian education for the nearly 130 students who attend.

Organizers project the fundraising event to raise upwards of $3,000, which will assist the school wherever needs show up.