G. I. Airport Prepares To Renew Airline Service


Grand Island City Council members are pleased that the government continues to support the airport, after fears of tower closure.

On Tuesday, city leaders plan to continue their support as well with a routine application to renew air service to Dallas–Fort Worth. It's part of essential air service, which is vital to smaller communities with smaller airports.

Officials say it's that reason that helped keep the Grand Island tower off the FAA closure list.

"I think one of the things that keeps the case so strong to keep our tower open is the number of boardings we have in G. I., and they have increased dramatically," said city council member Peg Gilbert. "Our airport has done such a wonderful job of attracting more and more business out there that the higher the numbers of boardings the more the tower is needed for safety."

Gilbert says the resolution will be presented for mayor Vavricek's signature, in order to put in a packet for application for a 1.8 million dollar bid to American Airlines.