Game and Parks Brings "Wow Factor" to 2014 Nebraska State Fair


After a four year absence, Nebraska Game and Parks returns to the State Fair in a big way in 2014.

Things are taking shape at the new Nebraska Building, inside and out.

Game and Parks will be one of two big new attractions in the complex.

They didn't make the move from Lincoln, until now, and the fair director says they've outdone themselves.

Joseph McDermott said, "They're going to have a 6,500 gallon aquarium stocked with native Nebraska fish. There's a wildlife display, waterfall, meandering streams, and a lot of kids activities, family activities outside the building. It's going to be a highlight of this year's fair."

Elsewhere on the grounds, the first food vendors have arrived. The fair director says things appear to be ahead of schedule.

The last minute scramble will be inside the new Nebraska Building.

McDermott said, "This will be our wow factor for 2014, but there's a lot going in addition to this building. A lot of entertainment, strolling acts, grounds attractions, livestock, domestics - food, fine art, photography. There's a lot to see and do at this year's fair."

They're counting on the new exhibits to give fairgoers plenty of new things to see and do.

In addition to the aquarium, Game and Parks will have a shooting range and waterfall and a kids play area.

The fair's director has heard it time and again, this is one exhibit people missed when the fair left Lincoln.

"It's great Game and Parks is going to play a significant role in the 2014 Nebraska State Fair. We're thrilled to have them here," McDermott said.

The other side of the new Nebraska Building will be the Raising Nebraska agricultural exhibit.