Gas Prices See Little Movement Over Past Week


Following weeks of rising prices, the average price for a gallon of gas in Nebraska has fallen slightly over the past week.

According to, the average in Nebraska was $3.47 per gallon on Sunday, down just 0.6 cents. The national average also stopped its upward climb, holding steady at $3.51 per gallon. Senior Petroleum AnalystPatrick DeHaan says the slowdown is due to a cooling in oil prices, however he warns that this does not mean we are out of the woods.

"While oil prices haven't moved muchhigher, we are starting to see more chatter about refinery incidents as more ofthem finish maintenance and get back online, and this can lead to spikes ingasoline prices if several refineries see unexpected outages or longer thannormal return to production times," said DeHaan, "so motorists should be vigilant that while Idon't expect prices across the nation to spike significantly, it's a riskthat's on the table."

Including the change in gas prices in Nebraska during thepast week, prices on Sunday were just over 12 cents per gallon lower than the same dayone year ago and are 14.5 cents per gallon higher than a month ago.