Gay Pride March Takes to Kearney Streets


Gay rights supporters gathered in Kearney to make their voices heard in a rally for equality.

Close to 100 people from all around the area gathered in front of the Buffalo County Courthouse Sunday afternoon.

They say it's their way of making their presence known throughout the state.

But they weren't alone; a handful of antiā€“gay protesters gathered in silent protest.

"It's nice to know there are people who actually care about traditional values, which is what I stand for along with my family, who is just down the road," said march protester Stephen Willis. "I believe one day down the road we will see this no more."

"We expected there would be a small group of people that would still limit our freedom as people to debate back and forth about what marriage is, what civil rights are, what safety is in schools and what it is to belong to this community," said march organizer Brian Whitecalf. "And obviously we outnumber individuals who want to tell us what we can and cannot do in this country."

President Obama declared June "Pride Month", and this event was in support of that. The group marched from the courthouse to UNK and back.