George Strait Ticket Scam


Hundreds of people scammed out of George Strait tickets for the concert in Omaha, January 17 want to know just who is to blame.

George Strait fans paid Creative Community Promotions, LLC, in Kearney hundreds of dollars. Their package price was supposed to cover food, hotel, a bus ride and, most importantly, tickets to the concert. However, when fans arrived at the concert venue the tickets didn't show up.

According to the owner of the company, Joel Bieschke, she was scammed too. Bieschke said it was a ticket broker she used who she would not identify who took everyone's money.

This claim does little to ease the frustration of the would-be concert goers.

"We've been fans of George Strait since I walk so it was a big deal for our family," said Tyler Lindstrom who went on the bus tour. His family was excited to see George Strait live in concert until they found out at show time that they had no tickets.

"All of my friends were asking how we were getting tickets so early, there is this tour going on and we got tickets for the tour and we kept waiting and waiting and waiting," said Sherri Lindstrom a concert goer.

When asked if they ever came Lindstrom said, "No, and I called and said other people have them for Christmas gifts to give and I was told we would get the tickets as soon as we got to the concert."

When the Lindstroms confronted Bieschke all she said was, "I don't know, I am going to look for the tickets and then took out running outside and we never saw her again," said Tyler.

Eventually the 200 fans who booked their concert package through the company were let in to the concert but had to stand to watch the star perform.

"I was kinda of a daze like is this really happening," said Lindstrom.

The concert goer was able to look at her situation with a silver lining but said the experience didn't live up to what she was hoping or what she paid for.

"I feel bad for anyone who gets scammed and I feel bad that it had to happen this way so at least we did get to hear some of the music but it was a disappointment," Sherri said.

Creative Community Promotions said the online ticket broker they used took the money and ran leaving the company with no way to pay for the promised tickets. According to Bieschke the venue told them they could let in the bus loads of people but they would need to pay. "I said, I have no more money he has all my money," said Bieschke in reference to the ticket broker.

She is now out $37,000 from what customers had paid and $20,000 more of her personal funds. "I'm sure everyone is disappointed and I'm very sorry about what happened because we don't do business this way," said Bieschke.

Bieschke said she had worked with this particular ticket broker for about ten years and had arranged tickets to hundreds of concerts in her 20 years of the business. She said something like this has never happened before.

"As soon as we know something we'll let them know something." Bieschke also said they are working with authorities to get this resolved.