GI Area Economic Development Corp. Commits $100,000 for Veterans Home


If Grand Island wins the bid for the new Central Nebraska Veterans Home, the Grand Island Area Economic Development Corporation has agreed to put forth $100,000 for the construction of community-supported enhancement for the home.

The board voted unanimously on Thursday to commit the money towards the construction and purchase of equipment and/or furnishings for the chapel, woodshop, ceramic kiln and library; as well as for artwork, a media center and landscaping.

The commitment comes after the Nebraska Department of Administrative Services asked each city interested in being home to the new facility to provide information regarding community-source funding for the home.

Bill Westering, GIAED Interim President, said because the project is still a few years in the future there will be enough time to secure the funds.

GIAED Board Chair Ann Martin added why the board felt this was an important project to help fund. She said, "Retaining jobs is every bit as important as attracting andcreating new ones."

"Grand Island has donean outstanding job of caring for and supporting our valued veterans, and wemust all do what we can to keep the Veterans' Home in this community," Martin added.

The GI Home for Our Heroes Committee is finalizing GrandIsland's proposal, which is due June 11. The GIAED commitment will beadded to funding sources already pledged by the city, county and otherorganizations and individuals.