GI Christian School Faces Urgent Financial Need


Small class sizes and lots of individual attention are hallmarks of Grand Island Christian School.

"We see that it improves reading skills and math skills to have that more dedicated attention," Administrator Dave Mowers said.

But the school may have to close, unless donors step up.

Mowers said, "We're at a position where many reserves we had in the past have been used to continue the operations here."

Average tuition is $3,000, but it costs $5,000 to educate a single student.

"So even with full paying tuition, we still have shortcomings we make up through fundraising and other means," Mowers explained.

And the school administrator says many of the families who choose the school make sacrifices to afford what they can.

"But are not the kind of families who can pay $10,000 a year for tuition like a school in Lincoln or Omaha," he said.

Even with sponsorships and fundraisers, they’ve had to scale back tuition help for families.

Mowers said, "We've even put a portion of our lot up for sale to generate a portion of those funds so that we can continue."

The school is located on the Five Points intersection in Grand Island, near the Skagway grocery store and VA Medical Center.

A few years back, they even demolished a big chunk of the school, instead of making costly repairs. A smaller building is also cheaper to heat, although there is a mortgage to pay for that project.

Enrollment is small; fewer than 40 kids attend. But the ones there believe there’s a need for independent Christian education.

However, not being associated with a church or denomination also means there’s not that built-in financial support.

Teachers don’t know if they’ll be back next year. The administrator said he can’t give them contracts, when he doesn’t know if they can honor them.

Mowers says they’ve operated in faith that God will provide, but the need has never been greater.

He said, "We really look for people in the community, businesses, families, churches to really rally together and help us continue this tradition."

More enrollments would also help. They offer preschool and elementary classes.

If you want more information on how you can help or for enrollment information please contact the school at 308-384-2755.