Update: GI City Attorney Keeps His Job

Bob Sivick

Harsh comments we're flying in the city council chambers Tuesday night as Grand Island officials considered whether or not to remove the city attorney from office.

Mayor Jay Vavricek made a surprise announcement Monday calling for the removal of City Attorney Bob Sivick.

The vote came in close four to five in favor of Sivick keeping his job.

During the meeting Vavricek explained that he had asked Sivick to seek a court order to deal with a problem property in Grand Island which has a fence covered in profanities.

Sivick did not seek that court order and it seems that this is where the issue of the firing stems from.

Sivick spoke in his own defense saying the firing announcement was a big surprise especially since he had just gotten a good performance review the week prior.

Sivick also noted that he feels caught in the middle of politics during Vavricek's tenure – calling this the latest symptom of Vavricek's erratic behavior.

He went on to say Vavricek and City Administrator Mary Lou Brown run the city by chaos and that no attorney will want to work for them.